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A lot of you have been asking me “so…what’s next in the fight against Amendment One?”  Well…here you go! :)

"Most ads for marriage equality feature a bunch of pleasant talking heads saying soothing things about their nice families and the importance of treating people fairly. They are very polite and maudlin and zzzzzzzzz…

This is not one of those ads.

Smarting from a harsh loss on Amendment One, which imposed a constitutional ban on the freedom to marry, Equality North Carolina is now going on the offensive. Turns out, they’re kind of scary when they’re mad.”

Full story here:

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Anonymous asked: Specifically I'm talking about Romney supporters yelling at David Axelrod at a press conference so loud that he couldn't really be heard with a mic and then in response to it Romney said that they did good by doing that.

Well…I think it’s pretty ignorant for anyone to behave that way, whether they’re in support of Romney or Obama.  When people threw glitter at Santorum, I rolled my eyes because it was completely defeating the purpose.  You’re not going to change someone’s mind by attacking them and it makes you look like a bully. 

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Anonymous asked: this isn't really about amendment one or the issues of gay rights, but what do you think about the lack of respect that is being shown in this years presidential race, especially lately?

Hmm…to me it seems pretty typical of any presidential election (sadly).  What specifically are you talking about?

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Anonymous asked: What about us in the middle of Eastern NC? Not South. Not North.. just kinda in the middle...

I’m not sure what the question is.  It’d be easier to answer your questions if you came off anonymous and I could respond privately.

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Anonymous asked: hey do you know anything about a protest/rally at the capitol on June 23rd? I was at the protest in Newton and there was guy there talking about it and I haven't been able to find anything else out about it.

I heard about an Occupy protest in Raleigh around that time but that’s all the information I have on it. 

If anyone has any information on an upcoming protest/rally, please share it.  Thanks!

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The (Gay) Jury Is Out: The Power of a Single Voice

From the “I really needed this to keep from becoming completely jaded and cynical” file: A member of our LGBT community showed up at the Forsyth County Courthouse in Winston-Salem, NC today for jury duty. I’m sure there’s one of “us” there every day. What doesn’t happen every day is the individual who showed up performed a small act of bravery.

Diana Coe, of Winston-Salem, decided last night that she would peacefully protest against North Carolina’s recently passed Amendment One, the constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriages as well as any domestic partnership or civil unions. With little time to plan, she prepared a statement and this morning, headed off to the courthouse, intent on following her conscience.

She reported to the Clerk of Courts and read her statement: “As a lesbian, I am no longer considered a full citizen of the state of North Carolina due to the recent passage of Amendment One and therefore I decline to fulfill my civic duties until my civil rights have been restored to me in full.”

Read More Here:

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