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Black clergy fight #amendment1

The Rev. William Barber II, president of the state NAACP, speaks out against Amendment One during a prayer and rally at Mount Zion Baptist Church on Sunday in Greensboro.
— The black community traditionally has been against gay rights. But that wasn’t the case Sunday afternoon in a church on the way out of town.

In an event that at times seemed more like a revival than a rally, people filled the chapel of Mount Zion Baptist Church and stood united against the most contentious issue this primary season: Amendment One. The so-called marriage amendment.

There were blacks and whites, straights and gays.

Some came here looking their Sunday best.

Others just made sure they were here.

“We felt like it was precedent-setting,” said Greensboro’s Bill Guill, who came with his partner of 10 years. “I think, historically, the black community has been more silent on the gay issue than not.”

If approved Tuesday, Amendment One would define marriage in the state’s constitution as between one man and one woman. Any other type of domestic partnership wouldn’t be legally recognized.

The state already bans same-sex marriage. Amendment One would put that ban in the constitution, thus making it impossibly difficult for same-sex marriage to ever become legal.

Over the weekend, rallies like the one at Mount Zion were held across the state by both sides as they made a final push to primary day.

The Mount Zion rally was in keeping with how the local opposition has fought the amendment. Well orchestrated and well attended, it was just the latest in a series of events that have kept the issue before the public during the past several weeks.

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